Planning for the future can be challenging on many levels, but the experienced agents at Insurance Xchange are available to assist you. With a Pennsylvania life insurance policy, you will feel more secure about moving toward the future. Our agents are experts on life insurance coverages throughout the state of Pennsylvania and can help you streamline the process of selecting the best life insurance policy for your family.

Term Life Insurance Basics:

  • Coverage for a period of your life (“term”)
  • Lower premiums for higher coverage  amounts
  • Rates can change after the policy’s term expires
  • Builds no cash value over time

Whole Life Insurance Basics:

  • Permanent with no term
  • Protection carries with you your entire life
  • Can build equity and have cash value
  • Higher premiums than term life, but can be more valuable in the long run.

Term and Whole Life Combined:

  • Supplement specific times of your life with term insurance
  • Build lifelong base of whole life coverage

Determining where to start shopping for your policy can be an overwhelming task. At Insurance Xchange, we search through an expansive network of some of the nation’s leading companies in order to find policies that meet your needs without straining your budget.